This would have been our 4th annual 4H Fright Night in Albion, Indiana. But since the cost of traveling high gotten too expensive for most folks were going to just have to cool it this year and continue working on some smaller projects and see how next year pans out.

We will be putting up some of our videos from previous years and showing off some of our new toys in hopes that we can get them out next year to play. Enjoy and feel free to drop me some email.

Halloween News from 2007 - 2008 News coming soon!
  • How to pick which trail to take:
    G-Rated: Recommended for children ages 6-12, this trail includes a spooky swamp, a witch's house, a haunted tunnel and a grave yard among other spooky scenes.

    PG-Rated: For participants 12 and over, enjoy a much more spookier trail with live monsters and other unexpected frights (Too scary to even mention here).

  • Trail Lanterns:
    This year we've decided to use Lanterns that are lit with a candle instead of carved pumpkins like we've done in the past. Our Lanterns are much more durable and will hopefully last the entire month of October and into next year. For more information on our lanterns visit our store where you can purchase a kit and build them yourself.

  • Spooks Wanted:
    We are always in need of good spooks to populate our Trail with. Most of our spooks are from Noble County 4H, but volunteers are welcome to contact us and help out. Contact spooky@spookytrail.com if you want to join us.

  • 4H Fright Night 2007
    Our event dates are Friday & Saturday Oct 19-20 and Oct 26-27. Times for these nights are from Dusk till 10:30pm. Admission for the Spooky Trail is $5 per person. For more details on this event visit our Directions page and Print out our Fright Night Flyer.


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